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Sorry, we’re CLOSED (only for a little while)!

The Dish Project will be closed from
December 8th until January 8th
for the holidays.


To place a booking request for an event
occurring outside of these dates, please
submit a book request below.

Booking Request Form

Please note : We try our best to accommodate all of our order requests. To help us out, we ask all our users that booking requests be submitted at least 3 business days before events. We promise to try our best to accommodate last-minute orders, however there is no guarantee of receiving a response (denial or confirmation) from The Dish Project if this form is submitted less than 3 business days away from an event.


Although meeting the demands of all our requests is typically not a problem, booking as far in advance as possible increases the chance that users will be able to receive their orders as requested. As we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, there is no guarantee that requests will always be met with confirmation, even if order requests are placed 3 or more business days in advance as our inventory is limited to the quantities listed below and may already be booked.


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Current Downtown Inventory

125 Coffee Cups
44 Saucers
11 Creamers/milk jugs
100 Mix’n’Match Mugs
12 Plastic Pitchers
2 Water Jugs
6 Carafes
16 Glass Pitchers
70 Big Glass Wine Glasses
45 Small Glass Wine Glasses
145 Big Plastic Wine Glasses
45 Small Plastic Wine Glasses
140 Mix’n’Match Wine and Other Glasses
50 Water Glasses
135 Drink Tumblers
70 Cocktail Glasses

195 Dinner Forks
175 Dessert Forks
240 Dinner Knives
70 Steak Knives
200 Teaspoons
160 Tablespoons
22 Tongs
10 Serving Spoons
6 Spreading Knives
11 Kitchen Knives
Cake Servers

185 Dinner Plates
145 Appetizer Plates
175 Bowls
10 Mini Bowls
17 Serving Platters
5 Serving Bowls
50 Square Ceramic Plates
3 Oval Serving Bowls

3 Corkscrews
1 Cake Dome
3 Glass Drink Dispensers
8 Tablecloths
3 Percolators
1 Kettle
2 Food Warmers

Current Loyola Inventory

Serving Spoons
5 Small Tongs
108 Dinner Forks
24 Dinner Knives
36 Teaspoons
36 Tablespoons

3 Baking Pans/Food Warmer Pans
4 Serving Bowls
3 Serving Platters
1 Serving Tray

40 Square Ceramic Appetizer Plates
5 Plastic Pitchers
112 Small Plastic Wine Glasses
48 Drink Tumblers