We’re Hiring!

General Coordinator
Job Description
The Dish Project (Sustainable Concordia)

Application Deadline: June 22nd, 2018 by 5pm

Hours: 15-20 hours/week
Compensation: $15/hr

Timeline:  Position begins the week of July 2018.

Supervisor: Sustainable Concordia Board of Directors

Please submit your cover letter and CV to the Sustainable Concordia Office Coordinator at office@sustainableconcordia.ca with subject line Dish Project Coordinator – YOUR NAME

About the Dish Project
Our mission is to make events more sustainable by providing support and reusable dishes as a free and accessible alternative to disposable items at events, meetings, and other gatherings. We aim to engage our on and off campus communities in the shared economy, to reduce waste, and rethink consumer culture one paper plate at a time.

Our vision is to empower people to reconnect with and rethink waste justice in solidarity with impacted communities.

Our work focuses on reducing waste in and around Concordia University, as well as exploring and engaging with our community regarding issues of waste justice and waste reduction. By building awareness, offering workshops and sharing resources, we aim to empower individuals and communities to reconnect with the waste they produce, so they can make changes in their habits and spheres of influence.

The Dish Project is currently undergoing a transition to become its own non-profit organization on campus. This is the result of a process undertaken by the entire organization for structural change. Through a number of workshops, discussions, and a needs assessment of working groups, the organization came to consensus on reorienting Sustainable Concordia’s programming towards campaigns and education as opposed to projects. This decision has particularly affected working groups and their respective projects that are all transitioning out of Sustainable Concordia.  

Position Summary
The General Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operations of the service by setting up orders, updating inventory and managing the space, coordinating volunteers, promoting the project, and keeping finances transparent and up to date. Other responsibilities include facilitating meetings, writing reports, and research.

Task Descriptions:
Service Coordination
Answer communications through email and phone 
Confirm or deny orders in a timely manner based on availabilities of items and volunteers
Prepare orders
Respond to feedback from users
Organize space weekly to ensure safety and cleanliness

Volunteer Coordination
Schedule volunteers on a weekly basis
Supervise interns
Volunteer appreciation

Organizational Assessment, Evaluation & Development
Replenish inventory and supplies when necessary
Write policy, reports, and updating procedures as they emerge
Call, prepare the agenda for, and facilitate Dish Project meetings
Identify priorities for the project’s transition, delegating tasks, and/or bottom-lining them 

Financial Accountability
Fill and maintain the financial records of the Dish Project
Develop action plans to make the project self-sufficient
Apply for funding, grants, and sponsorship when project requires funding (independence, improvements, expansion)

Necessary Qualifications:
Passion for implementing practices of sustainability into communities, specifically communities of higher education
Proven track record for successful project coordination
Good communication skills both verbally and written
Experience with nonprofit organizations and/or social entrepreneurship
Experience with grant writing
Ability to support and organize with multiple stakeholders
Experience with volunteer coordination
Proficiency with computers and online file sharing software (Microsoft office, Google applications) 
Ability to work autonomously, while encouraging volunteer leadership
Time management skills and ability to prioritize, track, and follow-up on tasks
A sense of responsibility
Knowledge of Concordia University and Sustainable Concordia

Concordia Student
Bilingual (French and English)
Experience using consensus-based decision-making and meeting facilitation skills
Familiarity with Concordia University, its institutional processes, and the campus milieu 
Previous volunteer or work experience at Sustainable Concordia
Excellent writing skills
Experience with graphic design and website development

A Step Towards Increasing Accessibility at the Dish Project!

The Dish Project has teamed up with Concordia University’s Distribution Services to help make borrowing our dishware more accessible to all of our loyal users. If you would like to take advantage of this partnership, please follow the steps below.

Once you’ve received confirmation of your order and pick-up time:

1) Contact Distribution Services by calling 514-848-2424 ext. 2400

2) Ensure that you are calling at least 48 hours before your set pick-up and drop-off times (which you can find in your confirmation email from us)

3) Open 2 work orders with Distribution Services

4) When asked for the date and time of your first work order with Distribution (to transport your dishes from our office to your event), ensure that it is at the pick-up time we gave you in your confirmation email.

5) When asked for the date and time of your second work order with Distribution (to transport your dishes from your event back to our office), ensure that it is at the drop-off time we gave you in your confirmation email.

Please note that a representative from your group must still be present at your pick-up and drop-off appointments that we have scheduled with you in order to sign the user contracts, supply deposits, and pay for any applicable fees.

Also, please note that The Dish Project is not responsible for any tardiness on the part of Distribution Services. If for whatever reason Distribution does not follow through with the work orders you have placed, you are responsible for transporting your order. The Dish Project has dollies and carts that can be used to help you do so, as always.

Reducing Plastic: A How-To Guide!



Our vision is to empower people to reconnect with and rethink waste justice in solidarity with impacted communities.